About Pipe Organ Encounters

Pipe Organ Encounters  is an educational outreach program of the American Guild of Organists. Major funding is provided by the Associated Pipe Organ Builders of America. Additional support is provided by the American Institute of Organbuilders and the Jordan Organ Endowment. Permanently endowed AGO scholarships are provided in memory of Charlene Brice Alexander, Robert S. Baker, Seth Bingham, Michael Cohen, Margaret R. Curtin, Clarence Dickinson, Richard and Clara Mae Enright, Virgil Fox, Philip Hahn, Charles Huddleston Heaton, Charles N. Henderson, Alfred E. Lunsford, Ruth Milliken, Bruce Prince-Joseph, Douglas Rafter, Ned Siebert, Mary K. Smith, and Martin M. Wick; and in honor of Anthony Baglivi, Philip E. Baker, Joyce F. Johnson, Gordon and Naomi Rowley, Morgan and Mary Simmons, Frederick Swann, and the Leupold Foundation.